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Welcome To FPSC Games America

Welcome To the First Social Network Ever For FPS Creator.

 This Website Was Created By Armageddon Games AKA Dj Collateral


What You Can Do On FPSC Games America:


You Can Add Friends

Send Private Messages

Have your own Profile With Status Updates

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Photos,video,and much more


Chat With other users Live in The Chatter Box


Sell Your Products Here 

Talk About FPSC Related Topics On our Forums

Share your media On the Forums

Post Your Music

And Much Much More. 




Make A Donation Of $10.00 You Get Moderator Status For 1 Week 

Make A Donation of $20.00 You Get Moderator Status For 2 Weeks And a Free Copy Of Dj Collateral's

Album "The Weak And The Broken".


When you donate- leave your email address in Midn1te_Murderer's inbox (the same email address you used for paypal)

 Otherwise you may not Get moderator Status within the 24 hour period.


Cheap Stuff And Free Stuff

Listed Below We have some free stuff and some cheap stuff


Feel free to download them.